Power Supply Splitter, Exwin Dual PSU Cable Adapter 24 Pin 20+4 Pin ATX Motherboard Adapter Extension Cable Dual 24-Pin Mining Adapter 12 Inch (30CM)


US $9.99

Product Description

24-pin to dual 24-pin ATX power supply connector splitter allows you to connect an secondary PSU to a single motherboard.
Power multiple graphics cards and components on existing motherboard, you don't have to purchase extra motherboard
Save your hardware costs, use 2 cheaper PSU to connect to one computer. It can be used on any 2 types of power supplies.
This cable can be used with both 24 pin and 20 pin ATX motherboards.
Allows you to turn on/off two power supplies simultaneously.

- Requires enough room to install 2 PSUs
- Some Models Power Supply does not support null startup
- Maximum Input Power: 2000W

1x Male connector 24-pin(20pin+4pin), plugs into the ATX power port on the motherboard
2x Female connectors 24-pin, connect to each PSU
18AWG Wire, Length 11.8 inch(30cm)
Package included: 1x Dual PSU Power Cables


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